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Texan BBQ with Caribbean and Mexican Roots - Jah-Texican BBQ -

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, it is to provide the best smoked meats in Houston at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the magic of Houston, Texas barbecue. To do this we are currently opening as a pop-up kitchen so that we can bring our passion for smoked deliciousness to as many areas of Houston as possible with the goal of operation a brick and mortar along with a food truck in the near and distant future.



Our menu varies, but we always offer Texas originals.

Smoked Brisket
Pork Spare Ribs
Chopped Pork
Homemade Beef Sausage
Turkey Breast
BBQ Chicken
Our Signature Sauce
Daily Menu

Ways we serve our meat

*Not all meats are served at every Pop-Up Event. Check our Social Media for up to date Menus for select events.


Check-out our calendar for upcoming locations & events

Come Try Our BBQ! Book an event with us or tell us what you think:

Email: info@truebarkbbq.com
Phone: +1-713-835-5925
Houston, TX, US